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Redefining Tradition: Why Nesting Parties are the New Baby Shower

Redefining Tradition: Why Nesting Parties are the New Baby Shower

A nesting party is a unique and alternative way of celebrating the impending arrival of a new baby. Rather than the traditional baby shower with games and gifts, a nesting party focuses on helping the parents-to-be prepare their home for the baby's arrival. During a nesting party, friends and family come together to offer their support and assistance in creating a cozy and welcoming environment for the baby. The focus is on practical tasks that help the parents get organised and set up their home, such as folding baby clothes, organising nursery shelves, or preparing freezer meals for those hectic early days.

The atmosphere of a nesting party is joyful and cooperative, as loved ones contribute their time, energy, and expertise to help the expectant parents prepare for their new addition. It's a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to bond, share stories, and offer advice to the parents-to-be.

Overall, a nesting party is a heartwarming gathering where the emphasis is on creating a nurturing and loving space for the baby, while also building a strong support network for the parents. It's a meaningful and practical way to celebrate the upcoming arrival and share in the anticipation and joy of welcoming a new member to the family.

Why opt for a nesting party?

A nesting party is a delightful way to honor your journey into parenthood by receiving acts of service instead of traditional baby shower gifts. This gathering warmly welcomes all your loved ones who wish to lend a hand in preparing for your baby's arrival. The beauty of a nesting party lies in the fact that, unlike a traditional baby shower, you won't have to unwrap and clean every gift afterward. Instead, you can sit back, relax with a cup of tea, and embrace the comforting ambiance of your fully prepared home. Nesting parties cater to everyone, even those who still prefer the idea of hosting a conventional baby shower or gender reveal.

In fact, it's entirely possible to combine a baby shower and nesting party into one delightful event. However, the nesting party truly shines for those who feel less inclined towards the typical baby celebrations. Not everyone wishes to learn their baby's gender or feels compelled to share it with others. Many parents prefer the minimalist approach or opt for thrifted items instead of an extensive baby registry. However, all new parents can benefit from having simple postpartum meals, clean and folded baby laundry, and a fully equipped diaper changing station! This is where the nesting party excels: you don't have to tackle all these tasks alone.

How to plan/host a Nesting Party:



  • CANVA NESTING INVITE Hosting a nesting party is all about ensuring you/ your birther feel loved and supported in the areas that are most challenging for you as you prepare for your baby's arrival. Consider which tasks you find most difficult, such as meal prep, laundry, or unboxing and sanitizing baby items. It could be all of the above! You have the option to either organize the nesting party yourself or have someone close to you take charge of planning it.

Begin by creating a comprehensive list of tasks that you would like to accomplish before the baby comes. Some ideas include:

- Preparing easy freezer meals and snacks

- Organizing and decorating the nursery

- Clean rugs & Furniture

- Outdoor yard work

- Setting up the diaper caddy with essentials like diapers, wipes, and bum cream

- Prepare postpartum healing kits: Create postpartum healing kits by assembling items like soothing sitz bath herbs, postpartum healing pads, nipple creams, and other essentials.

- Washing and sanitizing bottles and pump parts

- Washing and folding baby laundry

- Prepare hospital bag essentials: Compile a list of hospital bag essentials and have guests assist in gathering and organizing items such as toiletries, comfortable clothes, and essential documents.

Once you have your list, invite your guests just like you would for any special event! You can send out traditional invitations, e-invites, or simply text your loved ones with the date, time, and location (which would be your home!). The ideal timing for a nesting party is during your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. This allows plenty of time in case the baby arrives early while still being close enough that you won't have to redo any tasks.

As you plan for the nesting party, make a note of all the supplies you will need, such as baby-safe laundry detergent and dish soap, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, maternity pads, padsicle ingredients, postpartum healing or breastfeeding teas, and freezer meal ingredients with oven-safe pans. Gather all these items and lay them out before the party starts.

On the day of the nesting party, have a list ready with all the tasks you would like help with. Set up some simple snacks and refreshments for your guests. When they arrive, they can work together in teams to accomplish the tasks. For example, grandmothers can take charge of cooking duty, friends can organize the nursery and fold baby clothes, and another group can unbox baby gear and sanitize bottles.

Depending on how you're feeling, you can either sit back and enjoy observing or join in on the nesting fun.

How should I end the nesting party?

Closing out your nesting party is just as important as kicking it off with enthusiasm and warmth. After spending a delightful time together, it's essential to conclude the gathering in a way that leaves everyone feeling nourished and connected. Here's how you can gracefully bring your nesting party to a close:

Timing is Key

Remember, a nesting party is about quality, not quantity. Keep the gathering to a maximum of four hours to ensure it remains enjoyable and manageable for all involved.

Sharing a Meal

End your nesting party with a shared meal, symbolizing the sustenance of community and support. A comforting soup is perfect for this occasion, offering warmth and nourishment to all attendees.

Ceremonial Foot Soak

As a special gesture towards the mama-to-be, conclude the gathering with a ceremonial foot soak. Gather everyone around to take turns washing her feet, offering blessings, and well wishes for her journey ahead. This act symbolizes care, love, and respect, creating a deeply meaningful experience for all involved.

Leaving No Trace

Before bidding farewell, ensure that the house is spotless and tidy. Leaving no trace behind allows the mama-to-be to fully relax and enjoy the quiet moments ahead with her feet up, feeling content both inside and out.

Additional Ceremonial Options

If you're looking for other ceremonial ideas to conclude your nesting party, consider exploring the following links for inspiration:

- Candle Lighting Ceremony - Symbolizing the light and warmth of community support.

- Wishing Tree Ritual - Guests write down their wishes for the mama and baby, hanging them on a tree for blessings.

- Sage Cleansing Ritual - Purifying the space and offering well wishes for the mama and baby's journey.

-Affirmations Banner Creation

Another beautiful way to conclude your nesting party is by creating an affirmations banner for the birther to use in their birth space. This activity not only fosters a sense of unity among guests but also provides the mama-to-be with a tangible reminder of love and encouragement during labor. Here's how you can organize this activity:

  • Preparation: Prepare precut paper or fabric pieces in various shapes and sizes. You can use colorful paper or soft fabric that resonates with the mama's preferences. Have felt pens available for guests to write their affirmations.

  • Affirmation Writing: Encourage guests to write down positive affirmations, words of encouragement, and blessings for the birther and baby. These can be simple phrases like "You are strong," "Trust your body," or "You are surrounded by love."

  • Decorating: Allow guests to decorate their pieces with drawings, patterns, or additional embellishments if they desire. This adds a personal touch to each affirmation and makes the banner even more meaningful.

  • Assembling: Once all the affirmations are written and decorated, help guests string them together to create a beautiful banner. You can use twine, ribbon, or yarn to connect the pieces, forming a cohesive display of love and support.

  • Presentation: Present the completed affirmations banner to the mama-to-be as a heartfelt gift from her community. She can hang it in her birth space, where it will serve as a constant reminder of the love and encouragement surrounding her during labor.

By engaging in this activity, guests contribute to the creation of a supportive and empowering environment for the birther, enhancing their nesting experience and preparing them for the transformative journey of childbirth.

Remember, the essence of a nesting party lies in the love, care, and support shared among friends and family. By closing out the gathering thoughtfully, you create lasting memories and a sense of deep connection that will be cherished by all.

-XOXO Kristy

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