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This is not your grandmother's birth support, or perhaps it actually is, only with a little twist.


What's Included?

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A sweater so cozy, it'll make you sink into those powerful contractions. Alongside trusted recipes to nourish you through labor, birth combs, and a few other goodies to navigate your birth journey like the Prairie Mama you are. 

Just to double check our mutual affection before you seal the deal on booking me.

Yup, 7. From nurturing your body and soul to empowering your mama mojo, nesting, and gracefully surrendering to the beautiful chaos of birth, I've got enough resources to keep you sane for months. Consider me your ultimate pregnancy wingman!

I offer a trio of packages, empowering you to select the one that resonates best with your unique birth vision. You're in control from the beginning mama, forging the path that suits you,your family and your birth.

Because birth is NOT one size fits all




  • 1x Prenatal visits to provide education and support

  • Unlimited Virtual Support

  • On-call availability starting from 38 weeks until the birth

  • Birthing Day Support

  • 1x 2 hr Postpartum visit


  • Monthly Virtual connection Call's

  • 2x Prenatal Meetings (1x virtual, 1x in person) prior to delivery

  • Access to:

    • Postpartum Workshop

    • Empowered Birth Partner Workshop

  • Unlimited Virtual Support

  • Birthing Day Support

  • 1x 4 hr Postpartum follow up visit

  • Photo's during labour & birth with Private fully edited gallery

  • Written birth Story




  • Monthly Virtual Connection Call's

  • 2x Prenatal Meetings (1x virtual, 1x in person) prior to delivery

  • Access to:

    • Postpartum workshop

    • Breastfeeding workshop

    • Empowered Birth Partner workshop

  • Unlimited Virtual Support

  • Birthing Day Support

  • 2x 4 hr postpartum visits

  • Nesting Support

    • I join you in your home and we spent 3 hours "NESTING" together. at 37-38. weeks (OPTION TO MAKE THIS A 3RD POSTPARTUM VISIT)​

  • Pictures during labour & birth with Private fully edited gallery

  • Written birth Story


I know first hand how valuable your hard earned money is. There are many ways we can do a payment plan for your upcoming birth services to make things easier. There is a $250 fee due at the time of signing our contracts as a commitment fee. This ensures the commitment of the clients and reserves the date on the calendar. This fee is nonrefundable but goes towards the total price of your package.

Payment options:

  • cash/etransfer

  • Pay in full

  • Split payment 4-6 ways

  • Pay monthly until 38 weeks

I am FLEXIBLE. Pick a plan that works for you and your family

PACKAGE 1: $1775

  • Split 4 ways AFTER commitment fee: $381.25

  • Split 6 ways AFTER commitment fee: $254.16

  • Pay monthly until 38 weeks AFTER commitment fee (IF YOU BOOK BY 6 WEEKS) = $190.63 (BASED ON 8 PAYMENTS)

  • All packages are to be paid by 38 weeks

A few things you should know

  • I take 3-4 in person birth clients per month.

  • I also support planned cesarean births! Ask me about it!

  • Believe it or not, I'm only a simple human and not a superhero.

  • If you want something a little more personalized? Just ask. I'm sure we can work something out.

  • If I am out of your budget, ask about my Virtual birth support options.

  • I live on a tiny acreage outside Tofield (35min east of Edmonton) 

  • I attend births in east central Alberta including: YEG, STURGEON, CAMROSE, VIKING & WAINWRIGHT.

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